When villains aren’t evil

Villains are heroes from their own point of view. Read my friend Autumn Birt’s views on this issue here.

Guild Of Dreams

by Autumn Birt

Here on the Guild of Dreams, we’ve written about common fantasy tropes quite a few times. But I think one trope we haven’t covered yet is villains. Specifically, that villains are always evil, especially in the fantasy.

It is simply a fact of life. There are the heroes who must struggle against evil. Why?

Sure, I could get philosophical that we as a species are constantly searching for a way to simplify the problems faced every day. And nothing is simpler, or more validating, than good versus evil. So of course, stories are crafted to follow this formula. And it is a formula. One of the oldest.evil character

But there is so much more…

What makes a villain evil? That she/he will stop at nothing to achieve a goal? What if that goal is necessary to save the lives of friends or family? That is a lot less…

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Parks in Paris

Here are some great tips about traveling with children in Paris, written by my friend Julia Danilchenko.

Globetrotter Tots

“Paris is always a good idea.” –  Audrey Hepburn


Anyone who, like me, had fallen in love with Paris while climbing the steps of Notre Dame with Quasimodo, feasting on its bohemian medley with Hemingway, dying on the barricades alongside Gavroche will be immediately embraced by the city’s cozy alleys and lively avenues. This is the one place we go back to again and again, often using it as a jumping off point for other European destinations. We have now been to Paris in every season and I can say with total confidence that there is no bad time to visit, the height of summer (mid-June through mid-August), perhaps, being the only exception.

Paris is a city best explored by walking. Its wide avenues, often lined with trees and dotted with benches will set a strolling pace even to the most ambitious sightseers, like myself. If you don’t mind a…

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