Sex Scenes and Consent: Notes from the Armchair #9

Red Sofa Literary discusses the art of seduction and consent; why so many romance novels, even ones written nowadays, are rape-y; and what authors should do about it.

Red Sofa Literary

 By Laura Zats

So here’s the thing, readers.

I’m a literary agent. I rep romance and erotica. I even read it in my spare time.

Just kidding. I don't have free time. Just kidding. I don’t have free time.

I also happen to believe that it is the MOST IMPORTANT THING for said romance and erotica novels to have verbal and enthusiastic consent given by characters prior to the start of any sex act, just as it is in real life.

“Now, wait just a minute,” some of you might say. “Consent?!? I’m not too familiar with this concept!”

Well, never fear, gentle reader. To find out about why consent is non-negotiable and what constitutes real consent, go here and, if you’re the video-watching type, go here.

Ok. Are you educated? Excellent. Now let’s talk about consent in books.

Since I’ve started as an agent, it’s been my goal to champion really excellent books that exhibit diversity, sexual health, equality…

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