Repetitions—a #BookQW Excerpt 

This is a big day! Why? Well, there's a lot going on: A Wizard's Sacrifice, Book Two of the Woern Saga, will be released just 7 days from now! You can preorder your copy here. Today is the launch of a book tour celebrating the release of Sacrifice but focused on A Wizard's Forge, Book … Continue reading Repetitions—a #BookQW Excerpt 

A Spook in the Forest—a #BookQW Excerpt

A Wizard's Sacrifice comes out in just two short weeks, and I cannot wait for readers to get their hands on this book, especially because I just finished listening to the audiobook. Once again narrator Leah Casey did a marvelous job, one that had me weeping through the last several chapters. In the meantime, I … Continue reading A Spook in the Forest—a #BookQW Excerpt