What the Hell Is Going on with Me? Confessions of a Writer of a Certain Age

Monday was International Women's Day, and I suppose that's as good a reason as any to restart this blog. What follows will probably read like the world's biggest pity party. So be it. Let's get a couple things straight first. I'm a WASP—that stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant (I'm agnostic so the Protestant part … Continue reading What the Hell Is Going on with Me? Confessions of a Writer of a Certain Age

Repetitions—a #BookQW Excerpt 

This is a big day! Why? Well, there's a lot going on: A Wizard's Sacrifice, Book Two of the Woern Saga, will be released just 7 days from now! You can preorder your copy here. Today is the launch of a book tour celebrating the release of Sacrifice but focused on A Wizard's Forge, Book … Continue reading Repetitions—a #BookQW Excerpt 

A Spook in the Forest—a #BookQW Excerpt

A Wizard's Sacrifice comes out in just two short weeks, and I cannot wait for readers to get their hands on this book, especially because I just finished listening to the audiobook. Once again narrator Leah Casey did a marvelous job, one that had me weeping through the last several chapters. In the meantime, I … Continue reading A Spook in the Forest—a #BookQW Excerpt

Steedfast—a #BookQW Excerpt

OK, this week's Book Quote Wednesday (#BookQW, a Twitter promotion started by author Jenna Barwin) excerpt from A Wizard's Sacrifice has a pretty large squee factor for me, because the word of the week, BALANCE, appears in one of my favorite chapters in the entire book! Here, Ashel and his friend Melba have been kidnapped by … Continue reading Steedfast—a #BookQW Excerpt

The Cost of Failure: A #BookQW Excerpt

Another Wednesday, another excerpt from A Wizard's Sacrifice, using the #bookqw (Book Quote Wednesday) hashtag created by author Jenna Barwin on Twitter. I'm planning to run these previews every Wednesday until the book launches on October 6, so keep your eye out. There's a randomness to the #bookqw word of the week (this week, it's NEED), … Continue reading The Cost of Failure: A #BookQW Excerpt