Am I an Imposter or Just a Poser? — Amanda – 4/27/2016

Imposter syndrome is common affliction among the great, but that doesn’t mean everyone who has it is great. I wonder whether I’m just a poser..

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Am I an Imposter or Just a Poser?

April 27, 2016

I’m launching a new book in September and as part of the audience building process, I’m trying to do a better job maintaining my own blog. Regular posts about interesting topics are supposed to build readership. With this in mind, I diligently wrote out a list of topics I’d like to cover in the coming months, figuring that if I had a topic list, I couldn’t use the “I have nothing to say/write about” excuse.

Today I opened a blank Word document with the intention of covering one of my planned blog topics, and I hit the wall of doubt:

No one will read it.

No one will find it interesting.

No one cares.

It’s not that I don’t have direct experience to refute these soul-crushing beliefs. My posts here on OYOL and elsewhere have generated decent traffic, likes…

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GOT Snow?

We knew Jon Snow would suffer Julius Caesar’s fate, suffering multiple stab wounds delivered by his own men. And despite GRRM’s penchant for killing off beloved characters, everyone knows Jon would live to fight another day. The question is how.