Top 2014 Posts – #2 – How Do You Share Backstory Information

Wow! Jenna Willet picked my article about Backstory to be her #2 blog post of 2014! Many thanks to Jenna and my friend and fellow Guild of Dreams member Autumn Birt for drawing attention to this piece.

Jen's Pen Den

To end the year, I’ve decided to spotlight my top 10 blog posts from 2014. I went into my stats page and looked up those articles, stories, and other published pieces that had the most number of views. Some surprised me, others did not.

We’re almost there! Here’s #2: How Do You Share Backstory Information

IMG_4116This is a post that blew up a couple of weeks after I posted it. I still remember opening up my blog to write an article and gasping in surprise when I saw my stats. They were booming out of control! I laughed when I saw the article drawing so much attention. It wasn’t one I’d published recently–at all. But, I guess that’s what’s so cool about social media, huh? One person can get a hold of an article on your blog and boom! It takes off.

So if you missed this popular Twitter Treasure Thursday, here you go!

Welcome to Twitter Treasure Thursday! So, as…

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Elaina 12/21/14 The Significance of One in a Peshawar World

My friend Elaina Portugal wrote this lovely reflection on what’s important–not just during the holiday season but all year round.

One Year of Letters

insignificant_000Dear Reader-


I awoke this morning with dreams of visiting a tropical island paradise with sand under my feet and a cocktail in hand. I snuggled deeper into the warmth of my blankets hoping to prolong the dream and avoid another monotonous day, but the squawk of my alarm clock shatter any illusions I had of paradise.

“Would you start the coffee,” came from the other side of the bed and a cold, wet nose and whimper greeted me from mine. I threw back the covers; the day had begun whether I was ready or not. I stumbled down the hall, turning on lights and opening bedroom doors. I called out a morning greeting to my slumbering boys hoping the light and my voice would begin to rouse them.

I pushed the button on the coffee machine, opened the door to let the dog out, waiting to make sure…

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Sigurd 12/2/2014 – Coming Darkness

This post from Sigurd at One Year of Letters struck at my heart. We all so easily forget that human beings are a single species, which means we’re all of the same family. We need to start treating each other that way.

One Year of Letters

Sigurd1222014Tuesday 2 December 2014

We have spent the whole week at the edge of tears, Sig. A week of gritted teeth, immersed in the festering wound that is Ferguson. It has provoked us to dig deep into our past and search for remembrances. Remembrances of the beautiful black faces of Missus Miller and Bill, family for the first five years of our life. They nurtured. Gave succor. Treated us with great kindness. Over time we became a son and grandson to them. Their ‘pretty little white boy.’

Through years of military service, we lived, worked, shared dangers, and bonded in deep friendships with men of African descent, and never found them lacking. God Sig, with passing time, this country has turned despicable, fighting its perpetual war for racial hegemony. Warring to usurp the humanity of so many, including the Millers, our beloved family. Wish we could make some small sense…

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