The Buzz of Rejection – Guest Post – Amanda – 10/25/2014

I wrote this last October for One Year of Letters​. It’s still true today. Dang wasp.

One Year of Letters

For our inaugural guest, we would like to introduce A.M. Justice. Amanda is the author of The Woern Chronicles, a series that blends high fantasy, fairy tales, and science fiction to forge a story about a smart woman and a charming prince who become ensnared in a decades-long conflict between nations.

To read more about Amanda as well as her series you can visit her webpages here and here.  Without further ado, Amanda’s letter.

10966901_10152839064756144_529366013_n“The Buzz of Rejection”


Dear Amanda,

Remember that time in high school when a wasp got into your hair, and you screamed until a boy came over and pulled it out and killed it for you? You could tell by the look on the wasp-killer’s face that your rescue was motivated less by gallantry than by annoyance at your high-pitched squeals. And remember how mortified you were, when you overheard a couple of the…

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