Love and Marriage – Elaina – 4/16/15

Today on OYOL, Elaina talks about love as an active choice we make each day, and about how the option to leave a marriage makes the choice to stay all the more meaningful.

One Year of Letters

wedding picLove and Marriage

April 4th, 2015

Dear Reader-

A few days ago, the writers here at OYOL and a few other friends had a spirited discussion about love and marriage. Our youngest member asked a benign question about marriage and as per our usual mode of operation, the conversation spiraled into a deep philosophical discussion. Our beliefs about love and marriage differed and the romantics and the pragmatists soon found their separate corners. I am a pragmatist, and as such, drew the pity of the romantic in the crowd. He felt sorry for me because of my beliefs. I could have made the “choice” to be upset by the comment, but instead I “chose” to sit back and solidify my ideas.

I believe one of the best philosophies a person can bring into a marriage is the knowledge that leaving is an option and loving is a choice. While on…

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