Luck Be the Lady in the Locker Room — Amanda – 6/10/2015

Today in One Year of Letters, I muse on what it must be like to be trans and decide where to change clothes.

One Year of Letters

bw-planetfitness106Luck Be the Lady in the Locker Room

June 10, 2015

Dear A,

You’re lucky, and you’re grateful to whatever accident of fate made it so. A sign of your luck, or perhaps an outcome of it, is that you have never felt the need to pretend to be someone else to satisfy an expectation of society.

The movement to extend human rights to the LGBT community has gotten you thinking, though. You have friends and neighbors who have married someone of the same sex, and your daughter attends a school where many kids have “two mommies” or “two daddies.” Again, you’re lucky to live in a community where these families are unremarkable. But there are also people in your circle who face daily struggles between their inner and outer lives. Even in this era of acceptance, you know gay people who pretend to be straight. And then there’s the…

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