Roadmap to Change—Amanda – 10/8/15

Rejection and self-doubt. Been there, done that.

One Year of Letters

KnownearthNew Map of Knownearth, the setting of Amanda’s first novel, Blade of Amber, and its reboot version, A Wizard’s Forge.

Roadmap to Change

October 8, 2015

As regular readers know, the One Year of Letters contributors have been commemorating the first anniversary of this blog by reflecting on our lives and work over the past year. Ever-gracious Kerry expressed her enthusiasm for the OYOL team’s introspections and observations. Elaina heroically looked back at her demons and once again stared them down. Colleen analyzed trends in our work and explored where this blog might go in the future. And our resident Picasso of words, Sigurd, took us on another journey through his thoughts and memories, each of which is a treasure. And Mary and Tatyana will be posting their one-year reflections soon, so be sure to come back for their wisdom and and insights.

The past week, I’ve looked over my old…

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