The Virtual Fantasy Con Is October 15-21

From October 15-21, 2017, I will be participating in the Virtual Fantasy Con, a Facebook event involving over 100 fantasy authors, bloggers, podcasters, artists, and other magicians. My booth will be open for business 24-7 during that time, with a contest for a grand prize that includes some free books and a $25 Amazon gift certificate. The Con is running its own contests, including a Truth or Lie competition that runs across the all the virtual booths of all the authors.

I’m inviting friends old and new to come hang out with me in the booth, so come on by and learn about them and the work they’re doing. The list is still growing, but here’s the schedule so far (all times Eastern US):

Sunday, October 15, 12-1 pm. Graeme Ing

Graeme is the author of Ocean of Dust, a YA fantasy that sails through a–you guessed it–sea of made not of water but of dust (very cool concept),  and Necromancer, a dark fantasy featuring a young sorcerer battling a city-wrecking demon and a secret society intent on murdering him.

Sunday, October 15, 2-3 pm. Edward Buatois

Ed writes urban fantasies featuring succubi with hearts of gold. Ed’s stories are emotionally authentic and action packed, and I’m thrilled to introduce readers to his work.

Monday, October 16, 3-4 pm. Mary Woldering

Mary’s Children of Stone series is set in Ancient Egypt and follows a shepherd whose discovery of a strange collection of crystals transforms him into a god. With great power, comes great responsibility, and a whole lot of trouble.

Tuesday, October 17, 5-6 pm. Rob Matheny

Rob hosts the Grim Tidings Podcast and founded the Facebook group Grimdark Readers and Writers. The podcast has been running for nearly 2 years, with over 100 episodes featuring interviews with the masters of grimdark fantasy, including Joe Abercrombie, R. Scott Bakker, R.A. Salvatore, Raymond E. Feist, and Richard A. Knaak.

Wednesday, October 18, 3:30-4:30 pm. C.C. Aune

It’s no secret C.C. Aune and I are friends, and I have the privilege of beta-reading her novels. The Ill-Kept Oath was my favorite read of 2016, and readers are in for a real treat with The Regrettable Gambit when it’s released next year. This series, the Druineach Legacy, follows cousins Prudence Fairfeather and Josephine Weston and their friends, lovers, and enemies as they become embroiled in a magical rebellion occurring under the noses of Regency-era British Society. It’s Jane Austen meets J.K. Rowling, and it’s wonderful.

Wednesday, October 18, 6-7 pm. Mark McQuillen

Mark is the coauthor of an action-packed urban fantasy series that begins with Valkyrie, in which one of these battlefield wardens recruits a PTSD-suffering veteran named Gil to fight an ancient enemy named Malice. The story then continues with Legends, where we follow Malice as she tries to put the world to rights–as she sees it.

Thursday, October 19, 2-3 pm. Sarah Lockwood O’Brien

Sarah blogs as The Critiquing Chemist, and has one of the most entertaining–and busy–blogs around. She’s a working scientist, beekeeper, crafter, and reader, and her blog is a nonstop source of deep thoughts and beautiful photography featuring the things she loves.

Friday, October 20, 10-11 am. Jennie Ivins

Jennie is a fantasy writer and the Editor of Fantasy Faction, one of the Internet’s most popular fantasy sites. I’ll be joining Fantasy Faction as a contributor in November, so of course I had to invite my new boss to come and chat with me during VFC!

Stop by my booth throughout the week to see who else drops by!



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