QuaranCon2020 Schedule

All this weekend I’ve been participating in QuaranCon2020, a virtual SFF con that was the brainchild of author Virginia McClean as a way to bring artists and fans together during the COVID-19 social isolation period. For me, it’s been a blast. There are still some upcoming events, plus everything is recorded so you can check it in perpetuity.

Scientifically Plausible Worlds

April 24, 4-5 pm EDT

As the moderator for this panel I got to lead a discussion of one of my favorite topics: the juxtaposition between science fiction and fantasy, and the worldbuilding that goes along with it. Panelists Josh Foreman, Rose Foreman, Levi Jacobs, and J.R.H. Lawless were all brilliant.

View the discussion.


April 25, 2-3 pm EDT

Moderated by Sonya Black, this panel was all about the value of editing and tips and tricks for finalizing a manuscript. I had a great time with fellow panelists Angela Boord, Monique L. Desir (who blogged about it here), and Jess Lawrence talking about our editorial pet peeves and bugaboos.

View the discussion.

Death and Romance

April 26, 12-1 pm EDT

I’ll be moderating this panel on romance and death as storytelling elements in science fiction and fantasy. I can’t wait to find out what panelists Angela Boord, Anela Deen, Chris Patterson, and Justina Robson have to say.

View the discussion.

Live Reading and Ask Me Anything

April 26, 2:30-3 pm EDT

Join me for a live reading and Q&A about Knownearth and the people of the Woern Saga.

View the reading.

Gender and SFF

April 27, 12-1 pm EDT

In my last panel of the virtual con, I’ll be joined by panelists Angela Boord, Madeline Dyer, A.K Faulkner, and A.F. Stewart to discuss how gender presentations and gender roles have evolved in speculative fiction.

View the discussion.

Other Cool Con Stuff

Full Panel and Reading Schedule

Cosplay, Art, and Fiction Contests

Artists Alley (check out my booth)

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