QuaranCon 2022—Upcoming Events

Hey Folks. I know this blog has been dead for nearly a year (long dreary story you don’t want to hear, I’m sure). BUT, my favorite DIY indie virtual Con is coming up, and I’m super excited about the schedule we have in the works.

While my QuaranCon colleagues get that buttoned down, this is a very quick message to all you SFF writers out there to submit your stories to our Short Fiction Competition and to all you wits and wags to submit your Best Worst First Lines to QuaraCon’s version of the Bulwer-Lytton contest.

Short Fiction Competition

In 2020, the theme was isolation; in 2021 it was invention. This year, it’s family—but as always, the definition of how your story fits that theme is up to you. We’re looking for speculative fiction of up to 2500 words. The top 3 stories will be published in the next edition of the QuaranCon Short Fiction Anthology, and the winner will receive a free edit of up to 10,000 words.

Contest rules and entry form can be found here.

You can purchase a copy of Through Shadows, the first edition of of winning QuaranCon short stories, here.

There’s just over a week left to enter, so get your stories in now!

Best Worst Lines

Last year during the awards ceremony, the winning Worst Line was eaten by a herd of goats (watch it here). This year, it could be your line that is consumed by hooved beasts while all the world watches. In addition, you’ll get this pootiful trophy engraved with your name!

The 2021 QuaranCon Best Worst Line winner, by Allan Batchelder.

The deadline is April 1 to enter. Contest rules and entry form are here.

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