QuaranCon 2022, April 7–11

QuaranCon 2022 is upon us! You must go and check out the full schedule (really, you must!). The times listed on the QuaranCon website will magically adjust to your time zone.

My Events Are

[Drumroll Please]

Books vs Film, Thursday, April 7, 3:30 pm Eastern Time

What’s your favorite fantasy, science fiction, or horror adaptation? I’ll be moderating a raucous discussion of what we love and hate about films adapted from speculative fiction books and games, and maybe even our favorite novelizations taken from the big screen to the page!

Come join us!

Working with Book Reviewers, Friday, April 8, 2:00 pm Eastern

I’ll be bringing my perspective as both a reviewer and an author to this panel on the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of reviewing books and getting your book reviewed. I’m sure we’ll mention some of our favorites, so don’t miss out!

Come join us!

QuaranCon 2022 Awards Ceremony, Sunday, April 10, 11:00 am Eastern

Last year PS Livingstone and I fed a goat during the awards ceremony, and we’ll be doing it again this year! In addition to reading the winner of our 2022 Short Fiction Contest, we’ll once again ask the kindly folks at Cronkshaw Fold Farm to feed the winning entry in our Best Worst Lines Contest to their goats. You really cannot miss this. It’s wild. You can still watch last year’s awards ceremony, and the hungry goat in action, here.

Come join us!

Underappreciated Genres, Sunday, April 10, 2:15 pm Eastern

What are the weird and wonderful speculative fiction subgenres that may have fallen out of favor but are still treasures to love? The panel has a lot of opinions and recommendations for off the beaten path reads that might be your next favorite.

Come join us!

Hope to see you there.

Click “Set Reminder” on the YouTube page any of the sessions you want to watch, so you remember to tune in.

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