Tears, Fears, and Gears — Amanda – 9/24/2015

As a parent, how often do you watch your child go through the same struggles you experienced as a child? I’m happy to say mine is overcoming her challenges with more courage and resolve than I had. Read more on One Year of Letters.

One Year of Letters

12029829_10153384983671144_160613786955139974_oTears, Fears, and Gears

September 24, 2015

The last time I cried at a birthday party was when I was nine or ten. A friend invited a dozen or so girls to a roller rink, and I was the only one who’d never skated before. Game to try, I giggled with the other girls as we shuffled across the thin carpeting of the shoe-changing area. The friction slowed down the skate wheels, providing me with a false sense of “this is easy!” Then I stepped onto the rink. The skates whizzed over the glass-smooth concrete but failed to bring me along and I fell splat onto my rear. I struggled up and slipped slowly around the rink, clinging to the wall. I don’t remember how many circuits I hugged that wall—I probably struggled through at least two before giving up. I spent most of the party sitting by myself, quietly…

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